A Treasured Memory

I do not have many memories from my very early childhood, but one vivid and treasured memory I do have from that time is my mother singing to me. As a small child I remember my mother rocking with me in a rocking chair, my head resting on her chest, while she sang to me. I remember feeling the vibrations of her chest on my cheek as she sang and the soft rise and fall of her breathing.  She would sing anything I asked. Sometimes I would join in, and other times I would just listen.  I remember a warmth and a connection during those times that was unlike anything else.  The only two people who existed to me in those times were her and me.  I felt calm, peaceful and so very loved.

As an adult I have learned that my mother is self-conscious about her voice and thinks she is not a good singer.  I happen to disagree, but that’s not the point.  The point is that she sang to me anyway.  She shared that gift with me and created one of my most precious childhood memories.  It makes me incredibly sad to think that if she had allowed her inhibitions and self-consciousness to take hold we never would have shared those moments, and I am so grateful that she didn’t let that happen.

Music Together encompasses what is so special to me in that memory.  It creates an opportunity for families to bond through music.  It makes me so proud to see the adults in my classes giving their full selves to the music in class because I understand what a gift they are giving to their children by doing that. And when I witness the children’s response to that, it takes the whole experience to another level for me. The children light up, they engage, and they blossom!

I know it can feel scary to walk into a room of other adults and sing and dance as though no one else was there, and I want to honor our amazing Heartsong families for doing it anyway!  You are giving your children a treasured memory like my mother gave to me, and that is such a special and lasting gift!

Jessica Green
Music Together Teacher

2 Responses to “A Treasured Memory”

  1. 1 Sebastian October 4, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    My 10 year old just shared a similar story about sitting on the balcony with her Mimi. She’s 10 and can appreciate it! She also spend at least 4 years at Heartsong Music…which itself has been an amazing gift to our family. Thanks for posting.

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