5 Fun Ways to Bring the Magic of Music Class Home

Music At HomeHow do you bring the magic of music class into your home? For some parents or caregivers, the thought of trying to replicate a musical experience from class is too overwhelming to even try. However, there are several simple and really fun songs that lend themselves to home play. Remember that your child loves your voice (even if you don’t love your voice yourself!). Our classes are not performance-based, meaning that we don’t set expectations for where our children should be in their musical development at any given point in time. It is simply our job as adults to show our kids that making music is worthwhile and fun!
Here are 5 fun ways to bring the magic of music class home:
  • Paw Paw Patch– What child doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? Try singing Paw Paw Patch while searching for Susie (and picking up Paw Paws)! In class, we use a teddy bear named Susie and find her at the end of the song! The children are thrilled when Susie emerges from her secret hiding spot. You and your child can even take turns hiding and finding Susie.
  • One Little Owl- There is a beautiful illustration in the songbook for One Little Owl. Have your child draw their own tree for the owl while singing this well-loved song. Take suggestions from your child about what else could be in the tree and draw them in. There is even a Music Together children’s book for sale at Heartsong based on the song! The book would make a great birthday or special occasion gift and is simple to sing along to.
  • Round Robin- This catchy tune talks about 4 different types of birds. There are illustrations of these birds in the songbook. A fun activity is to sing each bird’s part while pointing to individual bird’s pictures. Sing “Nuthatch hopping down the tree” while looking at the nuthatch picture or “Robin, red breast” while pointing to the robin.
  • Secrets- Chants are so important to our child’s rhythmic development. A chant like “Secrets” is wonderful because it can also catch your child’s attention, redirect, or soothe them when they are hungry, tired, upset, or simply too loud!
  • Tambourine Jam- make your own play along box and jam to “Tambourine Jam” or any upbeat song! Let your child experiment with the different instruments (or household pots, pans, and kid-friendly plasticware that you can spare) and follow their lead.
The possibilities are endless for home play with each and every Music Together collection, but try these suggestions with your Tambourine CD and songbook! You might find that you enjoy these activities and songs just as much as your child does!
Meg Roy
Music Together Teacher

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