A New Semester Has Begun!

SAMSUNGA new semester is underway at Heartsong and with it brings a new collection of songs, new families in class, and maybe even a new teacher. That’s a lot of newness! Those changes are all wonderful things, but they have an impact on your child as he or she adjusts to this “new normal.”
You may notice that your child is behaving differently in class. Perhaps he or she is participating less in class. Perhaps the child who spent every moment of the last semester in the circle doing everything we grown ups were doing, is now walking, trotting, or wiggling laps around the circle. Perhaps he or she seems to be more focused on the other people in class than the music itself.  All of that is to be expected and is completely normal. Children are assimilating important music information whether or not they are outwardly participating, and all of that newness is a lot to take in!
So what can you do to help your child adjust to all of this change? Be your own wonderful musical self! Let the new collection of songs take up residence in yours and your child’s life. Play the CD even if your child hasn’t asked for it, and as you learn the songs yourself, sing and dance along! Remember that you are the most important model and teacher for your child, and by expressing your musical self you are opening the door wide open for your child to do the same. Talk with your child about the other families in class. Who has returned from last session that they remember? How many new families have joined the class? Did one of the new class members do something memorable in class that you can reflect on with your child? Use the songbook during story time and sing the songs as you look at the illustrations or the words and musical notation on the page. Engage in dialogue with your child about the songs. Where does your child think the family is going as they are “Zoom Zoom, riding in the car”?  What does Joe from “Trot Old Joe” eat for breakfast?
All of this helps to incorporate the new information from a new semester of class into everyday life.  Pretty soon the new music, new families, and potentially new teacher won’t seem new at all!
Jessica Green
Music Together Teacher

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