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The Healing Magic of Music Making

Music ManI think I’ve always known instinctively that music is good for you.  When I engage in music making I feel happy. But it’s more than just happy. I can feel endorphins running through my body and stress leaving it. It’s like the rush of finishing a race combined with the calming effects of a massage. It’s wonderful.

So I decided to learn more about this wonderful aspect of my life to see if the positive effects perhaps could reach further than just my mood, and what I found I just have to share. I came across studies showing that when we listen to music that we enjoy, the brain actually releases dopamine in the body. No wonder if feels so good! But I found more than just that! I found a study showing music reducing or in some cases even blocking pain sensation in the body!
The most moving story I found as I researched was that of a 76 year old woman who needed surgery. When she arrived at the hospital her blood pressure was too high for the surgery to safely be performed. There wasn’t sufficient time for medication to bring it down to a safe level, so instead she sang. She said she often did that to calm herself and help herself to sleep. And as she sang her blood pressure dropped. Her doctors encouraged her to continue singing and soon enough she was cleared for the surgery she needed.
To me, just the simple joy that comes from music making is reason enough to do it. When you then add in the vast array of other benefits it brings, the choice seems clear. Have you had your daily dose of music today?
Jessica Green
Music Together Teacher

The Joy of Family Music

Heartsong Music teaches Music Together®, the internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through grade two and the adults who love them.

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